Hi. My name is Scott Leuthold. I am the founder of Camp Steward, 4XPEDITION, and the host of the popular YouTube Outdoor Adventure Channel called 4XPEDITION Adventurer. My goal with Camp Steward is to educate the droves of people who have more recently decided to spend time camping in nature. Without proper education, the recent massive forest occupation is causing significant harm.

Trash left behind, unnecessary forest fires, and poor camping practices are causing major destruction and in turn threatening public access. Anybody in any country can take the pledge as the forests around the world need stewards. It costs nothing to take the pledge itself. However, the end goal is to raise significant awareness and that takes money and I cannot do this by myself. So, I am seeking crowdfunding from you. At the end of the pledge, I will ask you to make a purchase. Doing so is completely optional. I’ve created products that you can buy to generate proceeds to further this cause and get it off the ground.

Proceeds are used to further educate the public, create partnerships with key organizations, organize public events, create programs with land conservation organizations, and cover the cost of running and growing Camp Steward. Your sponsorship goes a long way to help our initiative to inform and educate more people about the proper protocol when camping in nature.

The pledge also ensures that YOU follow the protocol and go out of your way to ensure your camp and your neighbor’s camp meet that protocol.

At the beginning of the pledge, you will be asked to provide your information. I ask this because there is no other way to make a formal pledge commitment than to let me know who you are. And, when it comes time, I may call on you in your area to get involved simply out of a need to mobilize people who care. Your information is provided to help me create a network of people who care about the forest and are willing to get involved, even if just a little.

I ask you today to care. I ask you today to step up. I ask you to invest a little effort — a little time and maybe a little money. If you are unsure of my cause, watch part of the video below. This video will open to a segment of a recent video on my YouTube channel discussing Camp Steward.

If you have any questions, reach out to me by completing the contact form.

Scott Leuthold
Camp Steward and 4XPEDITION

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