The forest is in peril and there is much, much more at stake than meets the eye. With the recent limitations placed on traveling freely and a strong suggestion of social distancing, many have shifted to what activities are still available to them. One of the most common activities individuals and families have turned to is to spend time in nature. This is a wonderful turn of events as we believe sustainability depends on more people connecting with the natural world.

However, the shift toward this activity has also placed a great deal of stress on the places we visit. And, as many who are taking this opportunity are not familiar with low-impact practices such as “Leave No Trace” and “Take only photos. Leave only footprints.” there is clearly a need to educate the public and to establish a common protocol we can all turn to when arriving at, and departing from natural places.

Camp Steward was launched to inspire more people to teach and learn such practices and to initiate stewards–noble individuals who are willing to always be open to both. Nature is our greatest teacher and mentor. Our mission is to maintain access to natural places, to restore the peace and beauty of wild places, to protect the communities that thrive in our forests–both wild game and human–and to ensure the beauty and tranquility of these extraordinary places is able to be enjoyed by future generations.

We need your help. The forest, the streams, the ocean, and the mountain lakes need your help. It is time to stand up and be counted. It is time to take the pledge to be a responsible citizen and an example for others. It is time to protect and serve. Need more information? Then please visit our About Us page.

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